Kathy Brand

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I have belonged to camera clubs for over 25 years and currently a member of The PhotoKenosha Group, Racine Camera Club, PSA Projected Image Study Group #28, and PSA Wisconsin.  Many people with the common interest of photography are now my friends.  For approximately the past 10 years, I have traveled by car to PSA conferences with Kathy Braun and Priscilla Farrell.  We take the long route home and stop at many sites along the way.

Many scenes strike me as photo worthy so I take many different kinds of pictures.  My current interests are vintage cars, people, artistic abstracts of shadows and architecture.  These interests will probably change as I get more ideas.

Three years ago, a friend and I signed up for a photo workshop in Mexico that was mainly people photography.  As it turned out, it was just the two of us and two teachers.  It was wonderful! We then went on two more workshops in Mexico with just the two of us and one of the teachers.  I am hoping we can do another workshop this coming winter.