Digital Dialogue: A Place to Learn Photographic Society of America By David Edwards

It’s the middle of the month. Time to view and comment on new submittals at PSA Digital Dialogue Community sites 11 and 51. The images along with descriptions on how the images were captured are now seen for the first time. Commenting has begun. Strong components of the images are pointed out. Suggestions under the category of “This may help” are included as well. It was suggested that I watch for potentially distracting components in the backgrounds. Point well taken. What an excellent opportunity to learn from others and to receive feedback on our images.


As PSA members, there are many educational opportunities available to us. We all want to learn how to improve our photographic skills. The best way to learn is from others, by obtaining feedback on our work. PSA has the platform to meet both needs. That place is the Digital Dialogue Community.


Digital Dialogue consists of small groups of roughly 5 to 10 people. The 71 groups include General, HDR, Monochrome, Phoneography, and many more. The process is simple. At the beginning of the month submit an image with description to the site administrator. Later, you will be notified when the group submittals are published and the site is ready for viewing and commenting.


As comments are posted, a discussion often begins on the details of individual images. Questions are asked within the group on where the photograph was taken, how to make technical changes to an image, what is the best software to use, etc. Toward the end of the month the discussion period ends. With that comes the anticipation and excitement of preparing that special image for the following month. This time I will pay more attention to the background.


Being a Digital Dialog Community member is easy, takes very little time, and your photography skills will improve. And best of all its free! If interested in learning more about Digital Dialogue visit the PSA DD webpage, or contact Barbara Miller at


David Edwards is a member of DD11 (Monochrome), Manager of DD51 (Phoneography), and has been a PSA member since March 2010.